Infrared Thermography Imaging

IR Thermography Imaging was conducted thoroughly on related component specified. Images with high temperature will be highlighted on spot, line or area for every component. This will enable the thermographer to identify and locate exact location, and quantify corresponding temperature values for further assessment by WUSB technical lines.

Detail analysis will provide quantitative measurement results with high degree of accuracy for operational and process assessment to prevent unforeseen breakdowns and improve maintenance efficiency. Under “DIAGNOSIS AND RECOMMENDATION”, typical comment will be given based on the severity level. The proposed mitigation action will be that where suspected problem at termination, link bar and fuse holder are highlighted, the termination, link bar and fuse holder must be check, clean and re-terminate.

Scope of Works: To perform Infrared (IR) Thermo scanning Inspection, applies to all:

1. LV Board – Incoming & Outgoing Feeders accessories

2. Feeder Pillar – Incoming & Outgoing Feeders accessories

3. Pole – IPC, Line Tape & LV Fuse Box

4. LV Cable Termination – Cut-Out Fuse & Neutral Link

5. Five Foot Way – Cut-Out Fuse, Neutral Link & Junction Box