Scam Notice

Notice 1: Job Recruitment Fraud

WANGSA ULTIMA has been made aware of unauthorised individuals or organisations falsely using the WANGSA ULTIMA name in emails in an attempt to recruit on behalf of WANGSA ULTIMA and solicit up-front fees obtaining immigration documents including for visa or work permit for expatriate posting within a WANGSA ULTIMA Groupwide from interested job-seekers or members of the public.

WANGSA ULTIMA wishes to stress that it has not authorised such e-mail based recruitment. However, periodically, WANGSA ULTIMA engages recruiting and/or placement agencies to help us attract potential candidates for specific positions. WANGSA ULTIMA appeals to the public not to respond to the e-mail or any such emails.

There are a few quick ways to recognise fraud:

1. WANGSA ULTIMA official website pages always include Any other format is not genuine.
2. Email communication on recruitment from WANGSA ULTIMA, if any, would be sent by WANGSA ULTIMA’ officials using only e-mail domains of 

3. No money transfers or payments of any kind will EVER be requested from applicants nor by WANGSA ULTIMA or any of the agencies that recruit on our behalf, at any point in the recruitment process; or for immigration documents, insurance, or any other purpose.
Should you experience any of the foregoing, please treat the communication as fraudulent and forward it to:

Notice 2: WANGSA ULTIMA Secured Online Promotion Scam E-mail

WANGSA ULTIMA wishes to alert members of the public that the e-mail communications on “WANGSA ULTIMA Secured Online Promotion” currently circulating on the Internet is a scam devised by unscrupulous individual or parties.
The scam e-mail also contains details of a claims agent to be contacted for assistance and disbursement of the alleged prize.
WANGSA ULTIMA wishes to inform that neither WANGSA ULTIMA nor any subsidiary within its Group of Companies in any of the countries we operate in has conducted or authorised such prize redemption schemes and appeals to the public not to respond to the email.

Only trust emails by official WANGSA ULTIMA personnel using e-mail domains of
This advice also extends to all e-mail or short message service (SMS) communications using WANGSA ULTIMA’ name in other prize redemption schemes, lucky draws or contests.
WANGSA ULTIMA has communicated with the authorities on this matter.

Notice 3: Sim Card Lucky Draw/Contest Scam

It has been brought to WANGSA ULTIMA’ attention that certain parties have been sending text messages to mobile phone users informing them that their SIM cards have won a lucky draw prize from WANGSA ULTIMA.

WANGSA ULTIMA wishes to inform that none of its companies has organised any such mobile phone SIM card lucky draws or contests and would like to advise members of the public not to respond to such text messages.
WANGSA ULTIMA has also communicated with the authorities on this matter.
DISCLAIMER: WANGSA ULTIMA shall not be responsible for the content of any information nor shall it be liable for any conclusion, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever suffered or may be suffered by any part or members of the public arising from or as a result of reliance on or usage of any information relating to prize redemption schemes, lucky draws or contests, and recruitment in WANGSA ULTIMA from portals, websites or e-mail domains which are not authorised by WANGSA ULTIMA.