Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

WANGSA ULTIMA SDN BHD is committed to the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) of all employees, and strives to practice and adhere to the recognized HSE standards. The company goal is to have incident and accident free workplace. The company will identify and work to ensure that all hazards, practices and behavior that can cause accidents, injuries or illness to its employees, contractors and visitors are eliminated.


As an industrial company involved in the Oil, Gas and Construction activities, we shall adopt the following measures:


· Comply with all relevant statutory regulations;

· Provide adequate resources to establish and maintain safe work methods;

· Maintain Health, Safety and Environment competency and integrate it’s policy requirement in all aspect of business;

· Continuously improve performance through current and innovative technology, education and good management practices;

· Cultivate Health, Safety and Environment habit and practices in day to day activities;

· Provide appropriate training and briefing related to Health, safety and Environment concern to all employees;

· Provide a positive Health, Safety and Environment culture which is based on the principle/that all incidents and accidents can be prevented and controlled;

· Provide an emergency response program for unforeseen events so as to minimize hazards to human being, assets and the environment.

The success of this policy depends on the understanding, appreciation and participation of all employees.



Nik Ruhana Nik Husin

Managing Director